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These tales were collected by Minnie Martin, wife of a Government Official, who came to South Africa and Basutoland, from England, in 1891. To enable a better understanding of the people and their customs, she began to study the language, collected these tales and became fairly fluent in the language.

Back out on the streets again and desperate for any means for survival, Johann would have his chance in 1933 after being one of the many Germans who were forced into joining the Nazi Party as a Sturmabteilung. As Hitler rose to power, Johann still wasn’t satisfied seeing how he was merely a prop rather than a fighter like the . But Johann’s life would change after learning that Hitler was staying within a selected hotel, Johann secretly came up with the idea of making an impression on Hitler by acting out as one of the hotels bellboys. Upon learning that Adolf Hitler was making his stay, Johann successfully acted as one of the hotels bellboy’s who tended to the Fuhrers stay. Coming upon Hitler scolding one of his Gestapo’s for failure of capturing a spy who recently escaped from Germany, Hitler took notice of Johann claiming that he personally could teach Johann to be a better Nazi than any of his own officers. At first glance during Hitlers claim, Hitler not only found a potential recruit within Johann, but something that even the ruler of Germany would fear himself. Ever dedicated to prove himself to be what the Fuhrer of Germany saw within him, Johann proudly accepted his training as an . Officer.

Various Red SkullVarious Red SkullVarious Red SkullVarious Red Skull